Sometimes It's hard to keep up a persona of an outdoor family. I am more than just an outdoor mom. I am mom who reads books in bed, who cooks, who vegges out on Netflix. My kids are more than just adventure kids. They live in a home full of love, they play with legos, they play sports, they are ballerinas, and brothers and sisters, they sit in time out, sometimes eats Taco Bell and everyone of us makes mistakes. 

Although I want to share our love of the forest and all the cool things that come with it...there are still these folks behind the scenes. These real folks who live real lives. Thus I created forestnfolk. as for my tribe we ride real....


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this cool thing called the web is pretty outstanding. i can meet friends from all over the world. I love sharing our adventures, our education ideas and sometimes our mistakes. i feel When you create an environment that is relatable it's easier to connect. It's refreshing and inspiring. Life is a journey and we are all a wild child on our own adventure trail. Wether it be learning to tie your kindergartener's shoe, planting a garden or on the cliffs of Kauai. 

I look forward to seeing each and every family trail and like REI says every trail connects...I candidly think we connect. I have met so many cool people out there from all over the world.