Here at Forestnfolk we are dedicated to helping others in every way we know why? Because helping others make you feel good...and we like to feel good, don't you? Are you interested in where you can help in your community...go check out ....just put a zip code of where you would like to help. It will then list places in need of help. Then sign up for the one you'd like to help. Pretty cool huh? Lets get helping, hope to see you there...

Since I was a tiny girl, I have had a tender heart for our homeless. I can't ever let food go to waste knowing another might need it...that is why is my favorite local organization. They feed our homeless population every other Sunday and every Tuesday night... That's AMAZING! If you'd like to help serve food or even donate somethings get in touch. Anything helps ( tampons, wet napkins, food etc) 

My long term goal is to start a non profit organization where we plant fruit trees and edible plants in our community and parks. WHY NOT? We certainly have the climate to grow in and not only will our homeless friends enjoy it, our children and their children would enjoy it too. Lets get in touch if you'd like to help get this started.