Phorest in the Forest

Phorest in the Forest


I look forward to many years of outdoor adventure. This summer we don't have huge plans other than some pretty big hikes with the older kids and a few camping trips. Those camping trips are simple. They are close by. They are cheap, but I know we will be making some of the best memories of our lives. 


Some of my favorite memories with our kids outdoors are nothing really special, I mean we have some crazy stories to tell from Angel's landing, trecking the rainforest and caves of Thailand to Kauai's Napali coastline, but none of them compare to the sweetest sounds of little feet hitting the trail next to us or the wide eyed amazement of finding a new creature. Watching them gaze with astonishment at a magnificent horizon.  

To watch my children fall in love with the world in front of me is by far my favorite experience. Adventures are definitely apart of our lives, but THEY are the greatest adventure yet.

Speaking of adventure...