Fearless Mother


Our Instagram name use to be Fearless Mother... I'd show images of myself and all my littles treckin deep in the forest. It's a funny story really..... how I came up with the name.

It was years ago and I decided to get the kids out of the house by a near by wild life reserve. The kids were having so much fun. We hiked deeper and deeper and eventually found ourselves lost. We had been hiking for hours. I could hear water across a prairie so I decided to cross it and follow the creek back to the car. I even tried to call my husband who was stuck in surgery to see if he could find my location on maps and redirect me back...it was no luck.

When we got close to the creek there were mounds and mounds of blackberry bushes not too mention fresh scat. But not just any scat it was bear scat. The hairs stood up on my arms. I didn't know what to do.

I had a baby on my back and a bunch of little babes depending on me.  Every turn was so deep in blackberries you couldn't see around the corner. I just knew we were going to run face to face with a real life mama bear and her babes. So being the fearless mother I am I decided to start singing to the top of my lungs. The kids joined in. Eventually we found the car.

We never did meet that bear & we did have a lot of fun singing our hearts out.