Um. Icelandic horses are so incredibly cool. 1. If you haven’t heard of the Flying Pace, it is worth checking out. This is when the horse moves the same side of the legs together, and there is a moment of suspension, where the horse does really appear to be flying.
2.Icelandic horses originally came to Iceland on Viking ships. 
3.Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported in the country. Since 982 AD, Iceland has banned the importation of horses and any horse that has been exported cannot return again. 
4. Iceland horses are the purest breed in the world. 
5.Icelandic horses are short, and have many of the characteristics of a pony.
But they are horses! Those who ride them say that they have a horse’s feet not a pony’s. 
6.The Icelandic horse used to be buried with his owner.
Horse and man were great companions in medieval times. The Icelandic horse was such a great symbol of status and pride that when heroes died, their horses were often buried with them.
7.Some Icelandic horses can change color by season😮! That is SO RAD. (“That’s a horse of a different color”) For example, an Icelandic horse can be chestnut in winter and white in spring.
8.Icelandic horses are usually not ridden until the age of 4.
9. They can breed for 25 years. 
10. The oldest Icelandic horse was named Tulle and lived to be 56 years old